Princess Diana has decided to break the rules of the royal palace after Prince Charles admitted during an interview on national television that he had cheated on her.

So she chose to wear a bold black off-the-shoulder dress to send a message to her husband, Prince Charles, that she would be better off without him. Later, Camilla Parker decided to respond to the Princess of Hearts by trying to imitate her, so she appeared on one occasion wearing a black dress very similar to the revenge dress Diana wore, her attempt to reproduce Princess Diana’s look through the dress. , jewelry and short blonde hair.
The reason Camilla imitated Princess Diana was because she was jealous of the British people’s love for the princess and felt outcast and unloved. Camilla has repeatedly tried to imitate Princess Diana’s outfits. It should be noted that Camilla will receive the title of Queen after Prince Charles ascended to the throne of Great Britain, especially after the approval of Queen Elizabeth, which resolves the controversy over the differences between them and her acceptance of Camilla as a member of the family.