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Marvel’s transgender creator releases transgender mutant superheroes

Disney-owned brand Marvel is releasing more trans characters, and transgender collaborator Charlie Jane Anders is proud to add Escapade! “And he’s not alone,” Marvel said, “which will include his best friend and transformative friend, Morgan Red.”

Of the mutant’s new heroes, Anders said: “Morgan was there for Shela (Escapade!) when he first moved in, and the two were kind of supportive of each other through the transitions as kids.”

THE VOICE OF MARVEL: PRIDE #1 interior design by Ted Brandt and Ro Stein.

“It’s very important to me that there is a whole community of transformatives in this comic, not just Shela and Morgan, but everyone else,” Anders said. “I think Shela was a bit rejected for being trans, but she also found a great community that supported and uplifted her, and it definitely changed the way she thought about being a trans hero. ”

Author Charlie Jane Anders speaks onstage at SYFY, which hosted The Great Debate during Comic-Con International 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 20, 2017, in San Diego, California. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

These are the latest LGBTQ+ additions for Marvel. Almost a year ago, the studio released Gay Captain America, an LGBTQ activist.


Marvel now has a bisexual Superman and Marvel Studios Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness (currently the number one movie in the world) It features a 14-year-old Spanish lesbian heroine named America Chavez.

But Disney critics say the megabrand’s pursuit of LGBTQ pride is more a sign of kindness than a virtue.

As Breitbart’s David Ng points out, Disney “incites a war in Florida over the state’s parental education rights law,” Disney says ridiculously, putting the “safety” of LGBTQ workers at risk, as the company continues to do business in delinquent countries. homosexuality.”

Source: Breitbart

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