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‘The Magic Is Gone’: Price Increases Keep Disney World Lovers From Visiting

According to a recent study, self-proclaimed Disney World “enthusiasts” believe the resort has lost its magic as high prices drive families away from their self-proclaimed “happiest place on earth.”

Gaming company Time2play surveyed nearly 2,000 Disney World fans in the US and UK, finding that 92.6 percent of respondents believed the facility was out of reach for Disney-led families.

The majority of those surveyed – 48.3 percent – ​​also said the runaway price hikes made them “feel like Disney World has lost its magic.”

Claims that prices at the Mickey Mouse theme park have increased are false, as entry prices have increased by nearly 586 percent since the resort opened in 1971.

The one-day admission fee was $3.50 per day in the facility’s first year. However, a one-day admission ticket currently costs between $109 and $159, depending on the day.

Aside from the one-day admission fee, the additional costs make potential visitors inaccessible for family vacations.

In May, Breitbart News reported that a five-day Disney World vacation for a family of four in New Jersey cost more than $10,000. Additional costs include hotel accommodation, resort meals, skip-the-line tickets, shuttles and airfare, among other costs.

Rising inflation has caused 35.7% of Disney World enthusiasts to expect to pay more on their next resort visit than before.

Rising spending also caused 48.3 percent of respondents to delay a future theme park trip to Orlando.

While rising costs have led some to believe that higher income will improve property quality, recent guest experience suggests otherwise.

Guests used social media to raise the alarm that the resort was in decline due to broken trips, Breitbart News recently reported.

This summer, guests of the It’s a Small World houseboat were stranded for more than an hour in what one member called “torture.”

@hazeysmom22 Tortured for over an hour #smallworlddisneybound #disney #disneyworld ♬ oh my – Kripa

In July, guests were forcefully lowered after one of the cars on Splash Mountain began to sink. New York Post reported.

Videos on social media also show garbage scattered all over the park. diary letter show the dirt covering some of the exterior walls and signage of the facility.

A person who took to social media via Reddit emphasized that quality control at the facility was deteriorating.

“Before this, Disney never felt like a place where you wanted to smash yourself,” one person wrote. “They seem to be experiencing a boom in travel and vacation visitors right now.”

A recent experience of another Disney World visitor supports the study’s findings.

“The magic is gone; it’s not funny anymore,” said the tourist Mari Shumate. Washington post in May after visiting the resort. “Then, I don’t want to go back with all the price and money increases.”

According to Time2play, a survey was conducted among approximately 1,927 Disney World enthusiasts in the Facebook travel group TIME ORLANDO in September 2022.

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Source: Breitbart

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