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Disney Star Wars actor John Boyega criticized for saying ‘I only date black’

Disney Star wars Actor John Boyega received strong backlash online after saying, “I only date black people,” with some saying that a white man dating only white women is considered racist.

Black Boyega talked about his relationship choices in a recent interview with a British publication. GQ.

“I went on a new date with Black. [sic]The 30-year-old British actor told the magazine, “Then it’s about chemistry, personality and goals. Is there synergy? Can I help you? They don’t want you in their job.”

His comments sparked a heated debate on social media, and Boyega himself urged people to leave him alone.

Some commentators have pointed to a broader double standard, noting that a white man can’t get away with saying he only wants to date white women.

Others defended Boyega, saying his comments were not controversial.

Boyega talked about his relationship preferences in an interview with SiriusXM’s Bevelations earlier this year, saying that he prefers dark-skinned and thin partners.

“Brown and thick, melanin levels are over 75 percent. Thick level. You should look good,” he said.

Source: Breitbart

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