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Report: ‘The Flash’ Star Ezra Miller Thinks He’s ‘Christ’, Lectures People About ‘They/They’ Pronouns

flash The mother of the woman, whom the actor has accused of emotional abuse and grooming since the age of 12, says star Ezra Miller is under the illusion that he is the “Christ” and wants to “lead an indigenous revolution”.

This was reported by a source close to Miller. Vanity Fair “He’s not part of a movement, he’s a movement — he’s the next Messiah,” 55-year-old North Dakota medicine man named Jasper Young Bear, whom Miller hired as his spiritual adviser, told the actor. and the Masons sent demons to kill him.”

Vanity Fair The exhibit includes more than a dozen interviews with people who knew or knew Miller. A source told the magazine that an actor who publicly teaches “they/they” pronouns does not insist on being referred to as “they/they” privately.

About the metaverse, about medicine and how [he] He is the Messiah and what is his business here,” the source added about Miller: Justice League The star says that her “spiritual practice is with people, namely at a party.”

“So he never stopped when he was in Iceland. His favorites are compliments of drinking for two or three days,” the source said, noting that Miller appealed to teenagers because they were more attractive.

Jumping Eagle, mother of Tokata Iron Eyes, whom Miller accuses of grooming herself since she was 12 years old, echoed these sentiments. Vanity Fair The actor says he is “some kind of messiah” and will “lead an indigenous revolution”.

While Miller himself is not of Native American ancestry, the actor also claims that he is “Jesus” and that Tokata Iron Eyes is “an apocalyptic Native American spider goddess, and their union must lead to apocalypse.” magazine.

“He says he walks this earth with natural humility and spiritual awareness,” another indigenous source said. Vanity Fair. But he really doesn’t know anything. Because he doesn’t care.”

Several sources added that Miller verbally and emotionally abused the people around him, and the actor alternately referred to himself as Jesus and the devil.

Slap Iron Eyes wasn’t the only one Miller accused of grooming himself.

In another case, the actor was accused of worrying the father and others with knowledge of the situation by relocating his three young children and their mother to his farm in Stamford, Vermont.

Others described the Miller farm in Vermont as an unsafe environment, saying guns were left at home, frequent and heavy use of marijuana in front of children, and an incident where a one-year-old chose a loose bullet. and popped it in his mouth.

Miller was also arrested twice in Hawaii this year, the first time in March and a second time in April for an alleged assault after police responded to a report of misconduct at a bar.

In 2020, Miller was seen in a bizarre video showing him choking a woman in a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In July, he filed a new lawsuit against an old friend of Nadya’s, Miller, who claimed that he had been stalking her in Germany earlier this year. According to an old friend, the actor was “angry” earlier this year when Nadia asked him to quit smoking in his apartment.

“I will ask [Miller] He broke up 20 times, maybe more,” said Nadia, adding that the actor called him a “transphobic scumbag” and a “Nazi”.

“It was very, very stressful for me,” he said. “[Miller] He walked around my house, looked at everything, touched everything, sprinkled tobacco leaves on the floor. Disgusting and very intrusive.”

In August, Miller was charged with theft in Vermont after police were notified on May 1 of a burglary complaint from a Stamford home and learned that several bottles of wine had been taken from the home without their owners.

After reviewing witness statements and CCTV footage, police found a possible reason to charge Miller. The actor was convicted and ordered to appear in court on September 26 to face charges.

Again, flash still scheduled for June 2023.

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Source: Breitbart

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