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Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look’ director Adam McKay donates $4 million to ‘disruptive’ climate activists

Netflix don’t look up Director Adam McKay said on Tuesday he was “disrespectful” on climate issues and pledged $4 million to the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF), a network that provides grants to those who engage in “disruptive activities” in the public sphere.

This is the foundation’s largest donation since its founding in 2019, and McKay’s biggest personal gift.

CEF’s co-founders are Trevor Neilson, Rory Kennedy and Eileen Getty, whose ironically family fortune is in the oil business. Their money funds mass protests organized by Extinction Rebellion, among others.

The AP reported that McKay joined the organization’s board of directors in August.

McKay said in a recent interview with The News Service that climate change is “very disturbing, very frightening, and it’s quickly becoming the only thing I think about every day.”

He said activism has been an “incredibly dynamic, powerful, transformative” force that has created change throughout history, from overthrown monarchies to labor movements and the age of civil rights.

American film director Adam McKay wears a ‘Just Look Up’ shirt as he attends a rally in Los Angeles, California on March 18 to protest the City National Bank and Royal Bank of Canada’s funding of climate crises and neglect of indigenous rights. 2022 (RINGO CHIU/AFP via Getty Images)

CEF has previously donated $7 million to organizations that support most volunteer activists around the world.

These activists have done everything from walking the streets of France to encourage people to “look” (a reference to the McKay movie) to demonstrating on the water near Senator Joe Manchin’s boat in West Virginia about the need for federal climate legislation.

According to Breitbart News, McKay has a long history of supporting urgent “climate change” action and re-launched himself as one of the world’s loudest climate change activists using Oscar season earlier this year in the Hollywood climate.

At the same time, it turns out that she and her husband have homes in Los Angeles and Ireland – 10,000 miles round-trip, leaving an elephant-like carbon footprint on the star couple.

He described climate change as the greatest threat facing humanity, demanded that gas pipeline financing be cut, and even said that those who disliked his movie did not take global warming seriously.

The director said he rejected calls to action and was happy to fund others who took to the streets in devastating protests.

I believe without exaggeration from a scientific point of view that this is the biggest problem, history and threat of human history.

Source: Breitbart

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