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Nolte: ‘Queen’ criticized for acquitting African slavers

female king It made a respectable $19 million debut last weekend and drew some ire on Twitter about how the movie glorified African slave traders.

In this case, the slave traders were members of Dahomey Kingdown, a massively militarized and powerful West African state in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The movie takes place in 1823 and is based on premise facts. At that time the kingdom had an all-female army. The film then deviates and depicts the kingdom of Dahomey as liberators from slavery. Well, the historical fact is that this kingdom was almost always at war with other Africans and either enslaved its defeated enemies or sold them into slavery. The kingdom also participates in the “great” human sacrifice.

Let’s admit it; female king box office, entertainment and a lie for this ugly and judgmental trend empowerment of black women.

Thanks to the weekend and almost just left, #BoycottWomanKing Trending on Twitterzz. I can summarize the reaction as follows: The Woman King was written by two white women who glorified the people who chained Africans.

Here is a good example…

The controversy was enough for the movie’s star, Viola Davis, to respond to her critics this week:

: First of all, I agree with Gina Prince-Bythewood’s statement on Twitter that you can’t win the argument. We enter the history in which the kingdom is constantly moving, at a crossroads. They are looking for a way to save their civilization and kingdom. They were only destroyed in the late 1800s. Most of the story is fiction. It should be.

Today we call it “educational fun”. It’s out of date, but we need to get a driver’s license. We have to entertain people. If we’re just giving a history lesson that we can take, it’s a documentary. Unfortunately, people won’t be in theaters doing the exact same thing we saw this weekend. We don’t want to shy away from the truth. The history is huge and there are facts about what. If people want to know more, they can discover more.

Let’s start with Variation stupid question. he has Variation Liar Saw Ridley Scott 1492: Conquest of Heaven? First, the controversy surrounding this movie is fierce and there are many questions. Second, the name of the movie, even if you haven’t seen it yet – raya This is some kind of gift, right? But as someone who has watched the movie, let me assure fans of this fake news. Variation That this movie of Columbus did not avoid “cultural genocide”.

Anyway, Davis and Tennon’s (also Davis’ wife) answers were excellent. They both recognize reality and recognize the reality of filmmaking.

Instead of Variation The idiot who invented Earth 2, which exists as opposed to our world Never The Christopher Columbus movie debate, why not just point out that movies – oooh… – whitewash nearly a hundred years of history?

in many ways, female king like a big troll, as the awakened Gestapo said: We’ve historically created a culture where white people can only be described as slave traders and colonizers, but haha, we don’t follow that standard. So, to your silly face, Trumptards!

However, boycotting a Hollywood movie to turn history into something uplifting and entertaining is like shouting to the skies to be blue.

Anyone who gets their story from the movies deserves to be kept in the dark.

It’s a movie, morons.

Try to buy a book.

Source: Breitbart

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