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Five tips to sleep well in Ramadan! Egyptian authorities made a decision on the sanctity of mosques for the first time in the country’s history Swiss fans mocked the Israeli team with 100 Palestinian flags (video) Who was the Iranian official killed in Syria by Israeli attack? A brutal, gruesome attack on Miss Nile in Egypt before the call to evening prayer tops Russia’s new foreign policy strategy. The new concept of Russian foreign policy. Developing cooperation with Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and supporting Syria The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates withdrew the license of the Russian bank MTS The Russian army in Ukraine and its echoes /31.03.2023/ A recommendation of Saudi to avoid travel to the two countries Who is the porn actress that led to the accusation against Trump? What are the roots of the problem? The spoiled general turned an era of Arab history into a page of blood and terror. Porn star Stormy Daniels drinks champagne and gleefully tweets Trump’s accusation Medvedev: Is Europe ready for a “peacekeeping forces” column? “? Borrell: The European Union is ready to break the taboos. “This is a dangerous step.” The Kremlin commented on the European Union’s proposal to send “peacekeepers” to Ukraine, the fate of Trump and the future of the “vacuum cleaner”. “No one is above the law.” An American boxer meets the president’s request. Long live Russian Putin, Kremlin comments on Lukashenko’s call for ceasefire, Kiev forces publish “scandalous” video about their “occupation of Ukrainian lands” (video + photos) Nebenzia : The West’s statements on giving strategic defeat to Russia require military responses Saudi Arabia’s decision is not a courtesy move We participate in the vote .. Which non-nuclear Arab or international armies will be the most efficiency in the next decade? Healthy foods to eat at Suhoor to ensure fullness and activity during Ramadan. Kyiv forces have announced the use of a US “smart” bomb, the JDAM. Washington: We look forward to working with the newly appointed Emirati leaders. deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus, the head of the Federation of Egyptian Banks reveals the fate of the pound against the dollar after raising interest rates, the transfer of ownership of the “Toyota” factory in St. Democrat Ivanka Donald Trump has broken her silence about her father’s accusation. Clash” is the first move by Egypt’s biggest banks after raising interest rates. “FIFA” surprised the Saudi Federation and stopped its prosecution of Messi and Benzema. 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The European Union will retain its “strategic independence” Kuznetsova: When I meet Asma al-Assad, I don’t need a translator (photo) Ukrainian military formations are showered with thermobaric shells Germany is reaping the rewards of the operation of terrorist against Russian gas lines Florida Governor: We will not help Donald Trump’s extradition request in light of questionable circumstances Biden praises transgender people, he says: they are the “soul of our country” A handful of this fruit a day helps improve brain function and lower blood pressure A female Doctor reveals symptoms of e-cigarette poisoning, speaks 8 languages. Biden appoints Iraqi-American as ambassador to Egypt (photos)

While all stages of sleep are important, REM sleep, or stage 4, is particularly important for healthy brain development. It plays an important role in processing emotions and memories, as well as in dreams.

On average, as adults, we need two hours of REM sleep a night, but during Ramadan, research shows that this type of sleep decreases.

This may be due to eating a larger meal later, when Muslims fast at sunset. Subsequent food intake increases metabolic rate and therefore increases core body temperature. And any change in your basal body temperature can reduce the quality of your sleep.

How can you ensure that you get the best sleep possible during the month of Ramadan? MattressNextDay’s sleep experts share their thoughts.

Plan a new activity every night to reduce your ‘sleep debt’

Before Ramadan, you should set a new bedtime and try to stick to it during the holy month.

And with this new routine, be sure to include a reasonable bedtime. And while you probably won’t get seven to nine hours a night, try to get as much sleep as possible after iftar.

Also, be sure to set a time to wake up, eat, and if possible go to sleep again before you get up for work.

Step outside to enjoy the natural sunlight.

If you’re feeling tired from sleeping late and waking up early, get out! Natural light has a powerful effect on your circadian rhythm (signaling when to sleep and when to be alert) and being outside, even for a short time, can help you feel more alert during the day.

watch what you eat

Some people may eat foods high in calories and sugar during Iftar.

Eating these types of foods can overload your digestive system at night as your body tries to digest the food.

This can cause discomfort when trying to sleep. Also, sugary foods can cause spikes and dips in blood sugar levels.

These spikes release hormones that can keep you up at night.

Make sure you stay hydrated

While there isn’t much research linking more water to better sleep, hydration is key to your health. Also, drinking less water can lead to spending less time sleeping.

And during the month of Ramadan, you should incorporate a water-drinking schedule into your new bedtime routine.

Keep water close to you when you fast and before sunrise. You can also set an alarm to drink water (so make sure you drink a glass every hour) or even try associating water with checking your phone.

So if you check your phone, make sure you drink water at the same time.

20 minute nap

If you can do it during the day, we recommend setting a bedtime.

And you shouldn’t take a nap for more than 20 minutes, because you might fall into a deep sleep. This is enough time to feel refreshed without disturbing your night’s sleep.

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Source: Arabic RT

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