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Theater and dance: 26 shows to see in 2023

From theater to dance, through performance and artistic installation, there are many proposals already scheduled for 2023 on national stages. Between absolute premieres –as is the case of the new creation by Silly Season, “Rei Édipo”, or “The hour in which we knew nothing about each other”, by Olga Roriz, next year brings, above all, proposals where the limits between movement and interpretation are blurred. And there is everything: revisits and homages, readings and reflections on today’s world, but also reference works that come back to us in different forms of presentation.

The truth is that the beginning of 2023 is marked by the pendulum of the choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaker, with two shows (one of them for the National Ballet Company, along with other choreographers). In the first months and since most of the 2023-2024 seasons have yet to be defined, there is also room to revisit Pedro Almodóvar, Joe Orton, Shakespeare and Beckett: names that will resonate with the most prominent in the theater field. In dance, in addition to Keersmaeker, the new creations by Portuguese artists Olga Roriz, Lígia Soares and Né Barros and the program dedicated to Stravinsky, which becomes evident in the second half of the CNB season, stand out.


“Everything about my mother”

São Luiz Theater, Lisbon (January 11-22) and Rivoli Theater, Porto (January 27-29)

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Source: Observadora

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