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Isabel Barros returns to acting seven years later in a new creation of her own

Isabel Barros will once again act as an interpreter, something she has not done since “Ágora” (2017), on Saturday, World Dance Day, in a creation together with the musician Carlos Guedes, based on a poem by the Cape Verdean author Jorge Barbosa.

An assumption, “how much sea there is in me and in the other”, gives the motto to the performance, which has free admission and was designed to be presented in public space, in this case in the clotheslines of Afurada, an “incredible space that many people don’t know”, said the choreographer, in an interview with Lusa.

“It is a space that still survives today, where people go to wash clothes, hang clothes. [É] In that space where the clothes are hung out, they are put to dry, that will be me. […] It is very special, because I no longer do much work as an interpreter, and when I do it is for a very specific emergency,” he added.

He chose the Gaia space “because it is close to the sea, almost an entrance to the sea, with the end of the river and the beginning of the sea”, and this motif is present throughout the piece, which also makes the connection to Cape Verde and is a continuation of Agora, which has already addressed the subject in a text by Regina Guimarães.

“When I travel to Cape Verde, and every time I have been there, I always wonder what it is like to live in a place surrounded by the sea. And that’s where it starts. Trapped in a marine poem, trapped in the music of Cesaria [Évora] and smooth [Reis]that initially he also had to be present as an interpreter, but that later was not possible”, he says.

Lisa Reis lends her voice to the show and “Pondo rezas nas Lipos” takes as its title a verse from a poem by Jorge Barbosa, in which the Cape Verdean explores “the air of other climates that bring passengers/When they disembark to see the poverty of the land”.

In addition to the personal relationship, in Afurada he joins “the women who wash clothes there”, who use the ropes to dry them and who were, are, fishermen’s wives, a “series of relationships that intertwine” in a “scenario natural”. ”.

“Pondo rezas nas Lipos” will be presented at the Mindelact – International Theater Festival of Mindelo, Cape Verde, in November, and later in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

Isabel Barros is a choreographer, performer, programmer, trainer and belongs to the direction of the Ballet Theater, which she founded, and also directs the Teatro e Museu de Marionetas do Porto.

This show is presented within the framework of Dias da Dança, and within this Corpo + Cidade festival that Balleteater produces since 2014 on its own initiative, working for several years in association with the DDD.

Source: Observadora

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