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Chico showed his finesse to save us with another samba

Seeing so much sea in front of him, from his western island of Flores, the poet Pedro da Silveira dedicated a poem to the words: Let no one touch them / if they don’t know how to love / like living love, / VIOLENTLY. Chico Buarque always loved them immensely. Every word, in his writing and in his voice, has a precise weight. It has music, gravity and pause. He takes care of them like a gardener who waters his flowers, knowing that, although already written, already planted in a songbook for more than five decades, they continue to shed their petals with the seasons.

That is to say, in March of this year, with the tour “Que tal um samba?” Running since September 2022, Chico has approached “Beatriz” to change a word: the verse “the life of the actress will be divine” is now sung “the luck of the actress will be divine.” A new rosebud germinated, in this simple way, in a letter from 1983.

“Beatriz”, Dante Alighieri’s muse, was one of the first songs included on the bill for the first of the five concerts that Chico Buarque will give these days in Portugal. At that time, the popular composer was still hiding behind the curtains to offer the stage to Mônica Salmaso, who well emphasized the syllables of siiii-na, violently twisting each curve of her speech. “Cinderella is speaking to you here,” she said, addressing the crowd that filled the Super Bock Arena, in Porto, showing how she felt like an unlikely princess in the fairy tale it is for her to accompany Chico Buarque on the tour of How about a samba?.

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Source: Observadora

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