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Sisters and actresses on the verge of a nervous breakdown

For more than a year, Filmin has established itself as something more than an alternative streaming platform. “Alternative” means less commercial programming in this case. It’s good that it exists, because it has been the place to find series that have no place on other platforms: and, surprisingly, some of them are very commercial and of good quality. At the same time, he started creating his own content. A few months ago “Personal Defense” was a big surprise, this week it is the turn of “Selftape”, a series of six thirty-minute episodes, created by the sisters Joana and Mireia Vilapuig.

The names will not be familiar to the Portuguese, but in Spain, especially Catalonia, Joana and Mireia became overnight stars in the early 2010s, due to a teen series, “Polseres Vermelles”. It was a phenomenon, nobody was prepared for it to be. Typically, stories about teens who rise to fame at a young age are about how they deal with success and how it goes wrong. The case of Joana and Mireia is different, the series ended and they did not reap the fruits of success. They did not become famous as they would have expected that momentary success, worse still, they could not find work. They were often seen sending each other selftapes for the same roles, that is, they were fighting for the same characters.

Years in this pothole until they found the solution: to talk about their problems, about their lives. Or something like that. This is how Joana and Mireia Vilapuig were born, characters and protagonists of “Selftape”, the series that both created and where they find themselves in a similar situation: sisters, actresses, who find themselves in a blind alley.

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Source: Observadora

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