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Crisis. Paulo Rangel warns that this is not the moment to “play the guerrilla of the ministers”

The PSD MEP, Paulo Rangel, criticized this Thursday the “completely contradictory speech” of the Government, considering that the moment is “too serious” for the Socialist Executive “to make the guerrilla of the ministers” for the reduction of the IRC.

During a conference promoted in the inter-parliamentary sessions of the PSD, which take place in Ponta Delgada, Azores, Paulo Rangel said that the Minister of Economy, António Costa Silva, was “denied” by the Minister of Finance, the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs and the parliamentary leader of the PS on the reduction of the IRC.

On an issue as important as this, what is the fiscal framework for companies for the coming years, particularly in this context, is the Government not capable of having a voice in thought? Are we as we are at the Lisbon airport?”, criticized the vice president of the PSD.

At stake are the statements of Costa Silva on Wednesday, who considered that a transversal reduction of the IRC (tax on the benefits of companies) would be “beneficial”, with the reduction of each percentage point of the rate a revenue impact of around 100 million euros.

The reduction in the IRC rate has an impact of 100 million euros for each percentage point

The same day, the Minister of Finance, Fernando Medina, submitted possible fiscal alterations for the companies, namely at the IRC level, for the negotiations with the partner partners, revealing that he will “reserve” for the end of the negotiation his position “on the case”.

This is too serious for us to be here playing the guerrilla of the ministers”, said Paulo Rangel.

The Social Democrat condemned the “disorientation” of the Government, which has a “completely contradictory discourse” and that “is not up to the task” of the “challenges” posed by the international political and economic context.

We are at a critical moment and we do not have a government or a prime minister who is up to the task,” he continued.

Rangel also criticized the “worst political Machiavellianism” for the “scam operation” of the Government that, in terms of supporting families due to inflation, “made a withdrawal of one billion from Social Security to cover the checks that will be drawn in October” to the pensioners. .

PS parliamentary leader isolates (further) minister: Downloading IRC alone “would create a sense of injustice”

At a time of this gravity, with a crisis of this nature, with an ongoing war, to which we are not a part, but on which we are extremely dependent, is there not a prime minister who will tell the truth to the country? he pointed out.

Paulo Rangel also criticized António Costa for not being able to convince European leaders of the importance of creating “energy interconnections” from the Iberian Peninsula, despite having “sold the image that he is a very influential person in Europe”.

Will we let France prevent the creation of an energy union just to defend its nuclear power or possibly its gas receptors on the Atlantic coast?” he asked.

The inter-parliamentary sessions of the PSD take place in Ponta Delgada with the presence of MEPs from the party, members of the Government of the Azores, regional deputies from the two autonomous regions and Luís Montenegro, national leader, who will join the work today.

Source: Observadora

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