Inter Miami star Gonzalo Higuain confirmed that he did his best with the Argentina national team, expressing his pride in everything he did with Tango.

Higuain said: “People think we have an easy and fun life, but no, that’s not true, we don’t have the same right to go out, they insult you and you can’t answer because if you do, the effect will be double, if you lose the game, if you lose the chance, you won’t be able to go outside.”

He added: “I’m having one of the best moments of my life, I’ve been successful at Inter Miami and in football only success matters.”

He concluded: “I’m already at that stage in my life where I feel nothing but balance, calmness with myself and I don’t want to talk about anything other than football with my team. I gave my life to the Argentina national team and sacrificed a lot for the national team jersey. Anything with Argentina and I’m proud of everything I’ve done.”

Eddie Khoury