Portuguese coach Josefaldo Ferreira said that he lost consciousness during the team’s match against Chad Eliquita, which caused his fall.

Ferreira indicated that he fell as a result of tripping over uneven carpet on the ground before he was able to regain his balance, emphasizing that he is still young and able to handle such situations safely.

His statements came after Zamalek scored a clean double against Electite in the second leg of the African Champions League preliminary round after winning the first leg by the same result.

The Portuguese coach expressed satisfaction with his team’s progress to the 32nd round of the continental championship, its maturity and the ability of the players to control the match.

He added that next round opponents Flambeau of Burundi would have a harder time than Chadian champions and that Zamalek would do his best to get past the next round and qualify for the group stage, explaining that he was surprised by the league champions Zamalek’s participation in the preliminary round matches. .

At the end of his statement, Zamalek’s coach confirmed that the new deals, when they join the team, will increase its strength, calling on all players to do their best to participate in the main, whether they are old or new players.

Behavior / Donia Haddad