Josep Guardiola has insisted there is no penalty clause in Erling Haaland’s contract, saying the Norwegian striker is “stable” and “happy” at Manchester City.

Guardiola’s words came after reports in Spain that the 22-year-old could have a clause in his contract allowing him to join Real Madrid for two years or for less than other clubs.

Guardiola said: “That’s not true. He does not have a release clause from Real Madrid or any other team. It’s not true, that’s all I can say. Rumor has it, we can’t control it. worry about what we can control. He has adapted well and I feel he is very happy here. We will try with all the people who want to stay here to make them happy. It is most important”.

“In the end, what will happen in the future, no one knows. The main thing is that he is absolutely stable here, he is incredibly happy and loved by everyone. It is most important”.

Translation by Safwan Shami