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WATCH: Youtubers say electric truck experiment ends in just 85 miles

A group of YouTubers called Fast Lane Trucks is testing electric and gas trucks to see how far they can pull a trailer, and the results seem to speak for themselves.

The test was conducted between a Ford F-150 electric pickup truck and a gas-powered GMC Denali Ultimate Edition, the Independent Journal Review reported on Thursday.

The crew left Longmont, Colorado for the fast-charging station in Pueblo, the broadcast continues:

The F150 refueled and GMC refueled before it set off. The electric truck’s computer estimates a range of 160 miles, including calculating the size and weight of the trailer. Considering the trailer, the GMC petrol computer has an estimated range of 264 miles.


The electric truck had only traveled 6 miles when the computer recalculated the range to be between 160 and 150 miles and cut everything very close when it reached Pueblo. That requires a change of plan—the new charging station is Colorado Springs, about 45 miles closer.

After a fifty-mile journey, the electric pickup was reportedly not reaching Colorado Springs, so the driver went to Castle Rock.

But the fuel truck’s computer apparently had a range of 129 miles, enough to get it back to Longmont.

Meanwhile, the recent pressure from President Joe Biden’s administration to drive electric vehicles (EVs) to more citizens has become less viable as EV prices rose last year, according to the data.

The price hike promised to “double up” the desire for clean energy, following President Joe Biden’s call in March for Americans to buy electric vehicles to avoid high gasoline prices, Breitbart News reported June 28.

Worse still, the monthly car payment went higher than any of them.

According to YouTubers, the electric pickup truck’s computer had trouble calculating distance and had to stop and recharge about 85 miles on the route.

Source: Breitbart

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