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A newsletter to help us eat better

“How many Berliners can I eat this holiday?”

The question may seem strange, and the answer may not be hard to guess, but it is not uncommon. Every year around this time, before hitting the road for rest days, many of Mariana Chaves’ patients ask the nutritionist this question. And every year around this time, the specialist reminds us that “health is not a reflection of exceptions, but of routines.”

This is one of the topics addressed by Mariana Chaves in the new Observer newsletter, which reaches subscribers today for the first time. Every Wednesday, the author of the podcast “Learn to Eat”, one of the greatest successes of Rádio Observador, will write about useful tips, curiosities, practical advice and recommendations so that we have healthier habits in meals and snacks, among them and the shopping to make them. And she will also dispel some myths about food.

The newsletter will be called “Can I Eat?” and, in today’s edition, the nutritionist begins precisely by deconstructing one of the ideas we have about summer food: that grilled food is a healthy option. They are not exactly a prohibited alternative from a nutritional point of view, but they must be made with some “tricks” to make them less harmful to health. On this, we leave a (good) clue for the connoisseurs: the solution can go through white wine or beer.

“There are many things that we take for granted in our day to day when we think about food,” says the nutritionist. “But some, the least healthy, can be avoided in a simple and practical way, with alternatives available to everyone. We just need to be informed. And that’s also what I’m going to write about every week.”

Mariana Chaves will inform readers, in an accessible yet science-based way, about new topics while helping to undo old problems about food, health and wellness. No technical gibberish and no embarking on highly restrictive diets. Along the way, she tries to clarify doubts that lead to questions such as the Berlin Balls.

Graduated in Nutrition Sciences, Mariana Chaves is the author of the book single diet (ed. War and Peace, 2016). He began his professional career at the Santa María Hospital, where he worked mainly in oncology nutrition, and today works in a private clinic (weight loss consultations, diabetes, childhood obesity, foodborne diseases, oncology, etc.).

The bulletin “Can I eat?” is part of a set of initiatives prepared for Observer subscribers – such as the “Coisas de Família” newsletter, signed by Sónia Morais Santos, author of the “Cocó na Fralda” blog, which we launched last month – and will reach readers from all over the world. el mundo el mundo on Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m., and is also available on the web. The first three editions are free to access, but the rest will require an active subscription.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here. And, to make sure you don’t miss any, you can subscribe to the Watcher here.

Source: Observadora

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