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Russia has launched a new unique social network

Russian developers have launched a new electronic social network that uses new technologies that allow users to access data very quickly.

The developers of the network pointed out that the uniqueness of their network is the adoption of QR code technologies, because the user can upload a specific file, photo or video and attach their post with a QR code , and others can access the publication with a quick scan. Techniques for this code, and it makes the process of accessing broadcasts faster if Internet services are not available at a certain time or the Internet is slow.

Alexander Ageev, the founder of the new QR’ME network, said: “The goal of our project is very ambitious, to build a bridge between the real world and the virtual world. We want to give users this opportunity to use the virtual system to create different activities, our goal is to be different from others and we have many options for our network. get one’s attention.

Currently, network users can get all the main features of modern social networks, such as posting content, photos and videos, adding likes and comments to posts, as well as the ability to use network for messaging, voice calls and video calls.

The network is currently only available in Russian and additional languages ​​will be available soon, and its app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, RuStore and Huawei AppGallery.

source: ixbit

Source: Arabic RT

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