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Nissan Ariya demonstrates its efficiency in the moose test

As always with all new cars coming to the European market, the Nissan Ariya also underwent the moose test carried out by the Spanish KM77. The objective is to carry out an evasive maneuver devised by the Nordics in the 70s and which was quickly adopted by all countries and manufacturers, with the aim of evaluating the stability and efficiency of the vehicle’s behavior in a sudden maneuver. Harsh test that the Japanese electric SUV passed with a good note: the entry speed of 77 km/h.

The double “S” simulates the driver’s need to avoid a moose or any other object, person or animal that appears in front of him, swerving into the opposite lane and then returning to the original lane. All this without losing control of the vehicle, which in the test implies carrying out the maneuver without overturning any of the cones.

The tested version of the Nissan Ariya was the most popular, equipped with a single engine, delivering 218 hp, powered by a battery with a capacity of 64 kWh. The wheels were 20” in diameter, shod with Michelin Primacy 4, 255/45 tires. The electric SUV has always displayed a somewhat understeering attitude, which is easier for most drivers to master, especially less experienced ones.

By reaching 77 km/h in the moose test, the Nissan Ariya left behind a model with which it shares a platform, the Renault Mégane E-Tech, which stood at 74 km/h. However, the French SUV proved to be more agile in the slalom race, needing just 24.2 seconds, compared to 25.5 for the Nissan.

Source: Observadora

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