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The Porto City Council reinforces the street teams to support the homeless due to the cold

The Porto Chamber announced that it will reinforce the street teams in support of the homeless, starting at 9:00 p.m. this Wednesday, due to the cold wave that is being felt.

According to the municipality, this “special contingent” will be made up of two members of the Municipal Civil Protection, two members of the Fire Regiment, two technicians from the Municipal Secretariat of Social Cohesion and two technicians from the Street Teams.

“Although the criteria established by the NPISA Porto Contingency Plan for Homeless People – Vaga de Frio 2023, which is only activated with minimum temperatures below 3ºC, for three consecutive days, have not yet been met,” the Cámara Municipal do Porto He decided to go ahead with “a reinforcement of the street teams, who accompany the homeless on a daily basis.” Lisbon has also activated its plan.

The two multidisciplinary teams, made up of a total of eight elements, will distribute warm clothing, blankets, provide comfort food and hot drinks, ensuring “intensive monitoring of people in a situation of greater vulnerability, given the low temperatures that have been felt” . in recent days,” the municipality says on its website.

“They will also point out and guide people who express their intention to join the social reception responses to NPISA Porto”, he emphasizes.

NPISA Porto – Center for Planning and Intervention of the Homeless of Porto, coordinated by the Municipality of Porto, is made up of a network of more than 60 entities that work in the social area.

Unanimously approved a Contingency Plan for Homeless People, within the scope of the 2023 Cold Wave, which will be activated by the Municipal Civil Protection Operational Commander, provided that the minimum temperatures are below 3ºC, for three consecutive days .

This matrix is ​​operational “well above the levels parameterized by the National Civil Protection for the cold wave, which establishes as Yellow Alert values ​​between 1 and -1ºC; Orange Alert, between -2 and -3ºC; and Red Alert below -3ºC”, he points out.

The authorities “will follow the evolution of the temperatures forecast for the next few days, adjusting the measures implemented when necessary.”

Porto City Hall also mentions that the three solidarity restaurants in the municipal network —Centro de Acogida Temporal Joaquim Urbano, Baixa (Travessa de Passos Manuel) and Batalha— continue to operate, providing more than 550 meals a day, with the support of CASA Association volunteers.

The network of charity restaurants of the Porto City Council operates in “strategic areas of the city” with the aim of replacing the distribution of food in public spaces, “creating conditions to provide support with more dignity and discretion.”

Meal preparation is centralized in the kitchen of the former Joaquim Urbano Hospital, within the framework of the protocol that the Porto City Council established with SAOM — Serviços de Assistência Organizações de Maria, IPSS with extensive experience in the third sector.

Source: Observadora

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