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Competition for family doctors with more admitted candidates than open places

A total of 212 specialists in general and family medicine were admitted to the competition to cover 196 vacancies, including more than 100 unaffiliated physicians indefinitely with the National Health Service (SNS).

The Ministry of Health (MINSA) told Lusa this Thursday that the final ranking list now published includes the admission of 212 candidates, within the scope of the competition for the recruitment of family doctors opened earlier this month.

This number of medical candidates “demonstrates that, in addition to recent specialists, More than a hundred family doctors competed for this contest who until now did not have an indefinite legal employment relationship with the SNS,” said Manuel Pizarro’s ministry.

According to MS, the opening of these 196 jobs in the recent physician hiring competition represented a “87% increase compared to the number of 105 new specialists” who completed the training in general and family medicine in the second evaluation period of the 2022 medical internship.

It can be seen, therefore, that this number of candidates is a very positive indicator,” the ministry stressed, advancing that the process for choosing vacancies is now being followed, so there may be more than one candidate.

“If at the end of the contest it is found that there are available candidates who have not been placed, the situation will be analyzed and new vacancies will be opened,” guaranteed the Ministry of Health.

In statements to Lusa, the president of the Portuguese Association of General and Family Medicine (APMGF) considered “inexplicable and surprising” that, in the face of “almost 1.5 million people” without a family doctor, a “competition that has fewer vacancies ” It is open that the candidates”.

All needed vacancies must be available. They should all be put out to tender, but that is not what is happening, because there are many more family doctors than these 196 places that were put up for bids”, warns Nuno Jacinto.

The president of the APMGF also considered the number of doctors who competed “positive” and who “want to stay in the SNS”, but reiterated that “incomprehensible that there are only 196 vacancies” available, considering the “deep needs” of these specialists in Lisbon and the Tagus Valley, but also in the Alentejo and the Algarve.

The tender provides for 13 vacancies in the area of ​​General and Family Medicine for the Alentejo, 13 for the Algarve, 44 for the Center, 62 for Lisbon and the Tagus Valley and 64 for the North.

Source: Observadora

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