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Life or death of the fraud complaint made by Angola in Banif. And the Angolan spies who were in Portugal

In the book “A Teia do Banif”, the journalist António José Vilela recounts several scandalous episodes of the processes in Portugal that involve Angola, beginning with the denunciation of fraud in Banif.

When, in 2008, the Angolan State’s complaint for alleged fraud in the purchase of Banif shares reached the Public Ministry, it already had more than 600 pages and was addressed to four suspects. But there was a question that, even after the complaint was filed, remained unanswered: why did the Angolans wait so many years before denouncing? The process, however, would end up being almost a floodgate for a series of processes that followed that ended up targeting the Angolan elite itself. “The bank is just a pretext to tell other stories, revealing a true network of names, dangerous relationships, shady deals and scandalous episodes that have occurred over the last 15 years in the sectors of justice, politics, the economy and Portuguese society. ”, warns the journalist António José Vilela, who this Thursday launches the book “A Teia do Banif” by Casa das Letras.

Banif was the first Portuguese financial entity that Angola tried to control in the early 1990s, but the “masked” business, as the complainants themselves ended up describing it, would end up in a police case in the hands of a prosecutor who, years later, would also be convicted of corruption for having received money from Angola as a result of the proceedings at hand: lawyer Orlando Figueira.

Effervescence. Magistrate sentenced to prison for having been bribed by Manuel Vicente

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Source: Observadora

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