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Mercedes has unveiled one of the most beautiful and advanced youth cars

Mercedes has unveiled the new GLC Coupe, which is designed to be one of the best and best cars for the modern and stylish car lover.

The new car has a very aerodynamic crossover coupe construction, its dimensions are larger than the dimensions of previous GLC Coupe cars, it is 4 meters 76 centimeters long, 189 cm wide, 160 cm height, and the distance between the axles is 188 cm from the wheels.

Equipped with wide tires from 18 to 20 inches, the vehicle is equipped with new lamps that work with the latest LED technologies to provide excellent lighting day and night and in different weather conditions, and the rear of its structure should be in the form of a small fault, which improves stability at high speed.

Mercedes has unveiled one of the most beautiful and advanced youth cars

Inside, it is equipped with a sophisticated driver interface with a 12.3-inch display facing the driver, and an advanced 11.9-inch tablet computer is placed vertically in the center of the interface. In-cabin Burmester sound system, heated seats and cooling features, and a passenger back massage feature.

The car, which has advanced safety features like adaptive lane control, automatic braking in case of emergency, blind spot feature to avoid accidents, is equipped with light and rain sensors, distance sensors, front and rear cameras.

Several versions will be released: the GLC 200 with a 204 horsepower engine, the GLC 300 with a 258 horsepower engine, the GLC 220 d with a 197 horsepower engine and the GLC 300 d with a 269 horsepower engine, and all copies will have all. – wheel drive.

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