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Animal abuse: the vast majority of cases end up filed

Between 2019 and 2022, less than 14% of the cases opened by the Public Ministry for mistreatment of companion animals reached trial. According to the Jornal de Notícias, in four years there were 6,657 complaints in 7,720 open inquiries, and the associations for the defense of animals consider that the lack of training of the authorities and courts can weigh on the decisions.

Data revealed by JN indicate that only last year 1,803 investigations were filed for this crime and, according to the Attorney General’s Office, there were only 85 complaints and 1,557 filings, some of the figures still referring to previous years.

Sandra Duarte Cardoso, president of the SOS Animal association, explained in statements to the newspaper that “the State has shown that it has no mechanisms to apply the law” and that of the “rare times when a case becomes final, it seems that everything is he did in fear.”

Despite an increase in the number of convicted, in 2021 there were only 101 criminal proceedings, 117 prosecuted and 78 convicted and most pay fines, despite the fact that the 2014 criminalization of pet abuse also provided for prison terms.

Source: Observadora

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