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The most popular cars in Russia today

Many new cars appeared on the Russian market this year, attracting the attention of many with their unique features and competitive prices.

This year, the car “Moskvich-3”, with a unique crossover body design, equipped with the latest technology and lighting systems, was ahead of the cars that received great acclaim on the Russian market.

Measuring 4 meters 41 centimeters in length, 180 cm in width and 166 cm in height, it is equipped with technologies that ensure the best standards of luxury for passengers, including an advanced 10.25-inch touchscreen. The ability to communicate with phones and smart devices through CarPlay and Android Auto, control systems with a touch panel below the screen, air conditioning and several other features, and the cabin is equipped with 6 high-performance that speaker.

The vehicle is equipped with satellite positioning system, emergency call system, built-in USB port for charging phones, automatic emergency braking system, system for stabilization on slopes and turns, light and rain sensors, camera for peripheral vision. system for the body and front and rear distance sensors.

Among the popular cars in the Russian market at the moment, the new Granta car by Lada has also arrived, because this car has changes that have become different from the previous Granta cars, and also changed the shape of the shock absorbers, the shape of lamps and air. tunnels. , better lighting systems were provided and wheels were also fitted. The 15-inch discs have a unique and modern design.

The most popular cars in Russia today

Chinese BAIC U5 Plus cars are also attracting a lot of attention in the Russian market today, and these cars have versions equipped with the latest technology as well as economical petrol engines with a capacity of 1.5- liter and 113 horsepower torque. and luxury standards for passengers.

Lada’s new Vesta vehicles are among the cars that Russian customers often start pre-ordering.

Vesta comes in a new sedan version with a length of 4 meters 44 centimeters, a height of 149 cm, and the distance between the two axles of its wheels is 263 cm. It is also equipped with new discs for tires with sizes 16 and 17 . Inch and shock absorbers are equipped with distance sensors and places to install sensors for safe parking systems and blind spot systems.

Equipped with longitudinal touch screens in the center of the driver interface, the car is equipped with new multimedia systems, various ports for charging phones and mobile devices, and a new electronic instrument panel from the steering wheel , as well as satellite positioning systems, a system for stabilizing turns and heating the steering wheel and seats. Keyless Entry System supported systems as well.

The most popular cars in Russia today

The news of the appearance of the Moskvich-6, equipped with a modern and elegantly designed sedan body, stylish front and rear lights that work with modern LED technologies, and two cabins, received intense interaction from Russian car enthusiast. Comfortable rows of seats for 5 passengers and a Driving interface with a stylish longitudinal display that can be controlled by voice commands and paired with devices and smartphones.

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