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Russia has launched a new missile submarine

Sources familiar with Russia’s military industry say Russia is about to launch a new missile submarine it has developed for the military.

In a statement made by the press service of the Russian Naval Shipyards Authority, “On Thursday, April 27, the Russian Navy Shipyards will host a ceremony dedicated to the launch of the fifth Mogaysk military submarine of the Varshavyanka class. The submarine will be built for the Pacific Fleet of the Russian army. 636.3” within the framework of the government project.

The statement said that many military personnel from the Russian Navy, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and representatives of the Russian United Shipbuilding Company will attend the ceremony.

And Russian media previously reported that the Admiralty Shipyards Company has built 6 submarines of the Varshavyanka type for the country’s ocean fleet.

The “Mogaysk” submarine, which began development in August 2021, is planned to be delivered to the Russian army before the end of this year.

Each of the Russian Varshavyanka submarines is 73 meters long and 10 meters wide, can dive to a depth of 300 meters, cruise at 20 knots and operate independently at sea for 45 days. Platforms and launchers for launching torpedoes of 533 mm caliber Long-range cruise missiles “Caliber”.

Origin: Russian weapon

Source: Arabic RT

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