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Russia’s Pacific Fleet received a new missile carrier

The Russian Amur Shipbuilding Factory has announced that preparations are underway at the factory to deliver a new missile frigate to the Russian army.

“Our factory is expected to deliver the multipurpose ship “Rezky” to the Russian army before July 30. Experts are currently testing and equipping the ship in the USA. Our base in Vladivostok, “said the press service of the factory in a statement.

“Rizki” is considered the fourth warship built by Russia in the framework of the government project 20380 for the benefit of the Pacific Fleet in its army, its construction began in 2016, and preliminary plans will be delivered to Russia. It was delivered to the army in 2020, but the process was delayed several times after it was decided to make some changes to the ship. .

Each of the ships built by Russia within the framework of the 20380 project has a length of about 100 meters, a displacement of 2,220 tons, 100 mm guns, light and medium machine guns, anti-ship and anti -submarine torpedo system, and a platform for transporting helicopters.

Origin: Russian weapon

Source: Arabic RT

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