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New species of dinosaur discovered in Siberia

A team of Russian scientists has found traces of a new dinosaur in the Siberian region from Kemerovo, the country’s Deputy Minister of Culture, Elena Páxina, revealed this Thursday.

It’s a Kiyacursorlongipesone noasauridae long-legged, whose remains were found in the town of Shestakovo, on the banks of the Kiya River.

“It is a new genus and species.“Their closest relatives are from the Jurassic period,” highlighted Páxina, at a press conference within the framework of the Dinoterra festival.

The official added that the fragments of the dinosaur skeleton were found last summer, but the discovery was made public in May of this year, after its publication in the British journal ‘Proceedings of the Royal Society B’.

“We describe the species and genus from a fragment of the animal’s skeleton, including the cervical vertebrae, the humerus and elements of the shoulder girdle, as well as the bones of a hind limb,” explained Pavel Skuchas, professor at the Department of Zoology. from Moscow University. St. Petersburg State University.

Analysis of the remains found in a rock showed that the skeleton belonged to a young dinosaur.

Source: Observadora

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