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Nolte: New York Times confused by ‘seismic blow’ in public schools

‘Still no convincing explanation for massive drop’ in public school enrollment, left New York Times funny writer.

“My God, what could cause this?” Has anything strange happened in the last two years? ‘ Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey asked.

Yes, a real thug.

Why do families not want to send their children to public schools?

Is there anyone have an idea?


The real secret.

Is Sherlock Holmes available?

sometimes It has been argued that perhaps the sharp decline in enrollment in schools in the country is related to the failures of this government, which shut down for months and months without good scientific reason, unless you think it is scientifically valid. teachers come from Aruba. Or maybe it forces kids to wear masks for no scientific reason.

hey i have a reason sometimes ignored… Maybe it has something to do with gay porn, transvestites and transgender voodoo, and legions of predators and organizers that wipe out all the innocent in public schools?

Do you think decent parents are like demons where public schools teach boys to hammer other kids but can’t teach them to read?

length New York Times will be embarrassed not to upset her fragile, neurotic, snowflake subscriber base with some obvious facts – that’s one thing.

The good news is that America’s disgusting public school system is finally suffering a bit from unfair child abuse. There is not enough pain. This corrupt institution and the public associations that harm it will not suffer enough. But there is still a little patient

According to this sometimesNew York lost 50,000 students, Michigan 50,000 students, Los Angeles 43,000 students, Chicago 25,000 students, and even the suburbs of Kansas City lost 1,000 of their 33,000 students.

Meanwhile, the state of Florida has seen a surge in public school enrollments. (Well, I wonder why?)

Private schools are also seeing an increase in enrollments. (Well, I wonder why?)

“In total, America’s public schools have lost at least 1.2 million students since 2020,” the report said. sometimes.

The better news: “State enrollment rates show no signs of returning to old national levels anytime soon.”

Give me t-shirt

Give me hey.

I’m saving the best news for last…

“This is a seismic blow to public education,” said Marguerite Rosa, director of Something-Something at Georgetown University. sometimes. “The financial situation of the school has really shaken. “We shouldn’t think it will be like the tires go back to normal,” he said.

“When you lose your children, you lose money,” he added. “You have to close the schools and keep people away.”

Burn, burn, burn.

definitely, sometimes He reported it as if it was a bad thing.

I know there are good public schools and good teachers; Yes. But I also know that the American public school system as a whole is a corrupt, crooked, child abuse scam fund that has freed billions of taxpayer dollars through teacher unions on the Democratic Party campaign ship.

There is nothing better for American children than the collapse of the public school system (coupons for everyone!) and the rotten childcare factory we call the Walt Disney Company.

Source: Breitbart

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