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Apple Watch: How to Use Power Saving Mode

Battery saving mode on Apple Watch (Brian Heater/TechCrunch)

One of the important aspects that have been taken into account customers When choosing to buy a One hour It’s your battery capacity, as the experience of having such a device can be affected if your Autonomy It is not suitable for people’s lifestyle.

That is why it is one of the distinguishing features when presenting a new one Apple Watch Series 8 There was its battery life and it was found that with the battery saving mode, it had longevity 36 hours. On the other hand, the model Apple Watch Ultra has maximum autonomy 60 hours continuous use.

Although these savings energy Allows to increase the number of hours of operation of the device, Product Marketing Director at Manzana clocksDeidre Caldbeck noted that “Power Saving Mode preserves many of Apple Watch’s core features.” This implies that it characteristic affects functions Accessible to users, but not in a way that makes regular use difficult.

Apple Watch power saving mode.  (Apple Insiders)
Apple Watch power saving mode. (Apple Insiders)

What features does power saving mode affect in watchOS?

As well as for similar devices iPhoneThis mode of Apple Watch has some impact on how users can interact with some features hour smart For example, everyone applications Those that have some kind of activity running in the background and that are not important are turned off as soon as possible storage mode.

Among the functions that are affected are: Always on screenAutomatic detection trainingMeasurement of pulsation and oxygen in the blood, messages Connections are limited due to heart palpitations and irregular heart rhythms Wow And messages are delayed.

similarly, calls On cellular models, phone calls will take longer, device animations will be limited to less fluid, and Siri It will take more response time.

Power saving mode on the Apple Watch disables some of the device's functions when it's active.  (apple sphere)
Power saving mode on the Apple Watch disables some of the device’s functions when it’s active. (apple sphere)

How to Enable Power Saving Mode on Apple Watch

To activate this mode on devices apple watch Starting with Series 4 and later models watchOS 9Users must complete the following steps:

– Swipe up on the screen apple watch To access the device control center.

– The user will have to press the percentage drums.

– After entering the menu, scroll under the battery percentage information until the power button appears Energy efficiency.

– To activate the mode, just press the button.

– A message will appear screen and indicates which functions will stop working temporarily to maximize its lifetime drums. The user must press the Activate button.

Power saving mode on Apple Watch can also be activated during exercise.  Photo: Bernd Diekjobst/dpa
Power saving mode on Apple Watch can also be activated during exercise. Photo: Bernd Diekjobst/dpa

– Some users may find it useful to keep this mode longer weather, so it is possible to choose how many days you want to have it active. Options vary from 1 day, 2 days or 3 days.

When developing a routine training It is possible to activate the energy saving mode. To do this, you only need to enter the configuration application Manzana Look, find an option training And then tap on the option to enable low power mode. While enabled, metrics such as heart rate and heart rate will continue to be generated. swing of exercise.

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