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A study shows why waking up early to go to work can be detrimental to our lives

Based on a recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers report that waking up early for work can make work more stressful and life less enjoyable.

The term social jetlag describes the effect of people having to wake up to an alarm during the week instead of waking up normally and sleeping longer, like they do on the weekend.

And artificially waking up when the alarm goes off disrupts the body’s internal clock, so it’s like jet lag with a different time zone in each country.

And a new study found that those with social jet lag found work more stressful and had lower life satisfaction.

Researchers analyzed a survey of nearly 4,500 people in the Czech Republic over three years between 2018 and 2020.

The survey asked what time people go to bed and get up, whether it is at work, on weekends or other holidays.

From this data, the team calculated the participants’ “sleep debt”. People with more “sleep debt,” meaning more social delays, rated less than 10 when asked how satisfied they were with their lives overall.

When asked if they had experienced three types of work stress in the past 12 months, they scored worse.

These pressures consist of working long hours with excessive demands, fear of losing one’s job, and fear of accident or injury at work.

The findings suggest that for a person, getting up abnormally early in the morning for a week can make them more anxious.

The study found that people’s reported quality of sleep may be more important to their overall quality of life.

People who reported good sleep rather than poor quality sleep were less stressed at work and more satisfied with their lives, as were those who did not suffer from social jet lag.

They are also happier and report better well-being and health.

Mikaela Kudrnachova, of Charles University in Prague, said: “In modern society, we have strict schedules where we have to get up for work and school. Our findings show that social jetlag can affect life satisfaction and work pressures, so the issue needs further study.

Source: Daily Mail

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