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In a similar move … Moscow expelled 10 diplomats from Romania

In response to a similar move in Bucharest, Russia on Friday expelled 10 diplomats from Romania as part of a diplomatic war between Moscow and the West.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said it rejects Romania’s efforts to hold Moscow accountable for war crimes in Ukraine.

The ministry also said in a separate statement that a Bulgarian embassy employee had been fired, according to Reuters.

Late last April, the Romanian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of ten Russian diplomats who had failed to comply with international law.

The move coincided with outrage across continental Europe over reports of mass graves being discovered and civilians killed in Bucharest, Ukraine, after Russian troops withdrew from the city.

It is noteworthy that these measures are part of a series of countermeasures after the expulsion of more than 300 Russian diplomats from European capitals following the Moscow military operation in Ukraine.

The European Union has also classified a number of Russian diplomats working with European institutions as “non-hereditary”, paving the way for their expulsion from Belgium.

Source: Lebanon Debate

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