The body of Palestinian journalist and Al Jazeera correspondent Shirin Abu Akila was buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery in Bab al-Khalil in Jerusalem in the presence of a large crowd of mourners. However, during the funeral, the Israeli police attacked the funeral procession of Shirin Abu Akle in the city of Jerusalem, and surrounded the French hospital where the funeral procession was taking place, and as soon as the procession moved, they attacked the mourners with batons. and prevented it from starting.

In this context, the speaker of the Italian Parliament, Roberto Fico, believes that “the funeral of Sherin Abu Akle witnessed shameful moments, the attack on her coffin and the truth about her death must be clarified.”

In turn, the US delegate to the UN pointed out that “the tragedy of the murder of Shirin Abu Akle must be treated with the greatest respect and sobriety”, noting that “I am very hurt by the photographs that appeared during the funeral of Shirin Abu Akle.”

For his part, the spokesman for the United Nations Secretary-General Farhan Haq said: “We have just watched the video footage of what happened during the funeral of Shirin Abu Akle, and they are very shocking to us”, noting that “We have just watched the video footage of that what happened during the funeral of Shirin Abu Akle. This is very shocking to us.”

British MP Sam Tarry also noted that “Israeli occupying forces were not satisfied with the assassination of Shirin Abu Akle, but rather hit her mourners in a horrific scene”, explaining that “Israeli occupying forces must be held accountable after the attack on Shirin Abu’s funeral.” Akle.

For its part, Reporters Without Borders affirmed that “the attacks by Israeli forces on the funeral of Shirin Abu Akle are condemnable, shocking and unacceptable”, noting that “we call for an immediate international investigation into the incident.” the circumstances of the murder of Shirin Abu Akle”.