“French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will visit Algiers on October 9 and 10 to resume bilateral relations,” AFP reported.

Relations between Algeria and France have escalated amid his statements made by Macron in September 2021, in which he criticized the Algerian regime and questioned the existence of the Algerian nation before colonialism.

Against the background of Macron’s statements, Algeria withdrew its ambassador in Paris for consultations and banned the passage of French military aircraft through its airspace. French military aircraft routinely used Algerian airspace to enter and exit the African Sahel region.

However, relations gradually improved in late January 2022 following several visits by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian at the time. On August 25 this year, French President Emmanuel Macron visited Algeria for a visit aimed at ending the differences between the two countries and rapprochement after the young man’s tense relationship.