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One person killed during a shooting in the anti-terrorist operation of the Belgian police

One person was killed in Belgium on Tuesday during a raid in which police in the Antwerp region targeted a radical far-right group.

AFP added that the raids would be part of an “anti-terrorist operation”. The Associated Press writes that the police targeted the group of extremists and, although without clarifying who the fatality was, adds that it is not a policeman or member of the security forces.

“During the raid there was a shooting, and during that shooting one person died,” Antwerp prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt confirmed to the AP, adding that police found a “large amount of weapons and ammunition” during the raid.

Belgian public radio also added that the group would be suspected of planning a terrorist attack. But the raid was just one of a dozen that took place on Wednesday and was part of the police’s anti-terrorism plans.

Four Dutchmen arrested for plotting to kidnap Belgian Justice Minister

The case is unrelated to the group of four men who were arrested on Friday night, accused of planning the kidnapping of Belgian Justice Minister Vincent van Quickenborne.

Source: Observadora

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