U.S. President Joe Biden has pardoned all those convicted of marijuana possession in the country, emphasizing that the time has come to “correct these mistakes and this failed approach in the United States.”

“As I often said during my presidential campaign, no one should go to jail just for using or possessing marijuana,” he said in a statement posted on the White House official website. Many people have been jailed for behavior that many countries no longer ban,” he said, noting that a conviction for marijuana possession creates unreasonable barriers to employment, housing, and educational opportunities.

“While black, white and black people use marijuana with the same frequency, blacks and whites have been arrested, prosecuted and convicted in disproportionate numbers,” Biden said. “Today I am announcing three steps that I am taking to put an end to this approach.”

“First, I pardon all previous federal marijuana possession offenses, and I have directed the Attorney General to develop an administrative process to pardon eligible individuals,” he said, noting that “thousands of people have previously been convicted by federal authorities.” for marijuana possession. marijuana who may be denied employment or housing,” or educational opportunities as a result.

And Biden said, “His decision will help mitigate the collateral damage that stems from these convictions,” and added, “Secondly, I urge all governors to do the same, in the same way that no one should be in federal prison solely for possession marijuana. for the same reason, no one should be in a local or state prison.”

And added, “And third, I ask the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Attorney General to initiate an administrative process to rapidly review how marijuana is listed under federal law,” noting, “Federal law currently places marijuana in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, which is the classification given to the most dangerous substance.”