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Portugal considers the African Union a vital partner with which the EU must maintain a “frequent political dialogue”

The Portuguese foreign minister defends “the construction of a new paradigm not only in Portugal-Africa relations, but also in Europe-Africa relations.”

The Portuguese Foreign Minister considered this Thursday the African Union as a “vital partner in global affairs” and defended “frequent dialogue at all levels” between that organization and the European Union.

“The African Union is now vital in global affairs. It symbolizes the advance of multilateralism, the benefits of regional and continental integration and the long search for peace, intrinsically linked to the existence of multilateral mechanisms for the peaceful settlement of disputes through dialogue”, said João Gomes Cravinho, during his speech at the Ismaili Center, in Lisbon, at a ceremony to commemorate Africa Day and the 60th anniversary of the African organization.

For this reason, Portugal defends “a broad, comprehensive and mutually advantageous approach in the relationship, bilateral or multilateral, with its African partners”, based on “trust and reciprocity, values ​​of the utmost importance”added.

And Portugal also defends “the construction of a new paradigm not only in Portugal-Africa relations as well as in Europe-Africa relations”He concluded.

But, for that, defended the Portuguese minister, it is necessary “a frequent political dialogue at all levels and a new vision of mutually beneficial cooperation, with greater emphasis on trade and investment to take advantage of the economic and business potential of the African continent” . .

The official highlighted the opportunities presented by the Global Gateway Africa-Europe Investment Package, worth 150,000 million euros, to be implemented in various projects, from infrastructure, health, education, climate and energy, digital transition and transport, among others.

The minister also highlighted an “infinity of areas in which the interests [dos dois blocos] are aligned with and depend on multilateral cooperation”, such as peace and security, climate change, migration and economic insertion in global markets aimed at young people, with an emphasis on job creation and improving the quality of life.

In this context, João Gomes Cravinho highlighted the importance of the Mobility Agreement of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), which, according to the head of Portuguese diplomacy, “is a positive example to follow”. Portugal “is committed to working with Africa to achieve the goals” what they propose, concluded.

The act to celebrate Africa Day and the 60th anniversary of the African Union was organized by the ambassadors of the African Group of Embassies accredited in Lisbon and took place at the Ismaili Center, where a minute’s silence was observed this Thursday for the two victims of the attack carried out there on March 28.

The initiative, which takes place at the Ismaili Center in Lisbon, also involved diplomats and staff from those embassies, as well as guests from civil society, among others. The program also included a visit to the cultural and African art exhibition installed in said center.

Source: Observadora

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