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The Aliens and Borders Service will be extinguished in October

The Minister of Interior Administration said that the employees of the Immigration and Border Service will join other security forces and also air, sea and land borders.

The extinction of the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) will take place in October, the Minister of Interior Administration announced this Thursday, assuring that there will be a transition period for the implementation of this reform.

“When we get to October of this year, the SEF will be extinguished to the extent that its employees integrate into other forcesthat is, in October of this year sees the extinction process of the SEF”José Luís Carneiro told journalists at the press conference held after the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The President of the Republic promulgated this Wednesday the two diplomas on the merger process of the SEF, namely, the transition regime for workers and the creation of the Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum (AIMA), which will replace this administrative service. procedure in relation to foreigners.

The official explained that, within the framework of this process, part of the workers in the general and administrative career will be transferred to AIMA and the other part of the workers in the inspection and surveillance career will join the Judicial Police.

According to José Luís Carneiro, there will also be SEF inspectors who will be working at the air, sea and land borders “under a temporary functional assignment regime until the change is consolidated in safe conditions”.

As part of the extinction of the SEF, the administrative functions will pass to the AIMA and the Registry and Notary Institute (IRN), while the police powers will pass to the Public Security Police, the Republican National Guard and the Judicial Police.

The GNR will be in charge of the surveillance, inspection and control of maritime and land borders, including cruise terminals. The PSP will be in charge of surveillance, inspection and control of airport borders, while the PJ will be in charge of investigating illegal immigration and human trafficking.

Source: Observadora

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