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The round of 16 and the hurdles one year after the Europeans

Portuguese MEPs are discouraged by the election date

Are the European elections used “only” to elect Portuguese representatives in Brussels? Not by the shadows. If the European ones that will take place practically within a year —on a date between holidays, which is even classified as “tragedy” in the Portuguese delegation – have been presented as a kind of control To assess the health of the Government, from Brussels the Portuguese MEPs run to try to close the files they have in hand, but the campaign climate already seems to be starting to heat up.

Between the “central block”, barriers are pushed and it is discussed who can leave more injured of the next elections; on the left side, there is an MEP from exit and a PCP that devalues ​​the problem of the war that it can have in its arms; on the right, the CDS plays the “kill Kill” and try to survive a test of life. And evaluations are still heard about whether António Costa really has a good chance of occupying a European position, advising against “enthusiasm” in excess.

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Source: Observadora

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