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Bugalho says AD’s support for Costa for the European Council follows “the principle of reciprocity”

The current elected deputy stated that he will be in the European Parliament to “look forward and not back.” Bugalho also stated that “reciprocity is a Portuguese feeling.”

The elected MEP Sebastião Bugalho refused this Tuesday to “enter into a debate” with the liberal Cotrim de Figueiredo about the criticism of AD’s support for António Costa to the European Council and affirmed that there is a “principle of reciprocity.”

“I am not going to enter into a debate with João Cotrim de Figueiredo Arriving for the first time in the European Parliament, I don’t even have to respond to the Portuguese liberal deputies, with whom we hope to work,” said Sebastião Bugalho, in the European Parliament, in Brussels.

The independent MEP elected by the Democratic Alliance said he understood “the João Cotrim de Figueiredo’s antipathy towards António Costawho debated so many times with António Costa in the Assembly of the Republic”, but said that he was in the European Parliament to “look forward and not back.”

Sebastião Bugalho stated that support for António Costa as Charles Michel’s successor in the European Council follows a “principle of reciprocity.”

Coast closer to the European Council on an almost perfect night. Montenegro and the European result gave impetus

“António Costa, when he was a Portuguese MEP [foi também vice-presidente do Parlamento Europeu], voted in favor of the election of José Manuel Durão Barroso as president of the European Commission. In this sense, the Reciprocity is a Portuguese feeling.that we will put into practice in this case,” he added.

The elected MEP added that “the support of the liberals may be necessary in a set of solutions that will be positive for the Portuguese”, which is why he considered it important to avoid “creating false divisions” and neglecting the contribution of the liberals. during the next legislature.

Source: Observadora

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