After participating in the second season of Al-Hiba (Writers Workshop, directed by Samer Al-Barkawi, producer of Sabah Brothers), artist Rafik Ali Ahmed returned to drama, but this time through the film Al-Khiba. The film, which began filming a few weeks ago in Turkey, features several Lebanese and Syrian actors, including Rafik Ali Ahmed, as its cast. The veteran Lebanese artist participated in The Prestige: The Return and appeared as Nazim Al-Aali, Jabal’s rival Sheikh Al-Jabal (Tim Hassan). The film will hit theaters after Eid al-Adha.

So Rafik is back in the arms of “prestige” and is currently in Turkey to end all his scenes where intense fighting takes place between the mountain and gangs in Turkey.
On the other hand, this is not the first time that Rafik will participate in a drama filmed in Turkey, he previously appeared in the series “Beirut Bride”, which is the Arabic version of the Turkish series “Bride Istanbul”, and on the list of its heroes Dafer Al-Abidin and Carmen Bsaybes, and Takla Shamoun and others.