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Angolan justice operators union denounces intimidation of striking officials

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The Angolan Justice Operators Union (SOJA) denounced this Tuesday that the workers on strike are being intimidated by the employer, who refuses to put in writing the agreements reached so far, reported the union leadership.

According to the general secretary of SOJA, Brito Teixeira, SOJA began the strike on Monday, while the union leadership responded to an invitation made on Friday around 3:00 p.m. by the leadership of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSMJ).

“The meeting passed in a generally satisfactory way, it turns out that, after discussing the points of the list of demands, SOJA suggested to the employer that he reduce everything said in writing, in order to draw up an agreement for the workers to feel comforted by this agreement”, said Brito Teixeira.

The SOJA general secretary stressed that “the employer refuses to do sobelieving that Soja and its employees believe what is said in words and not in writing”.

“Soja has not had very good experiences with the CSMJ, which is why he suggests, insists, that the council make an agreement and take it to Soja. As long as this measure is not given, we will continue to be unemployed, ”he observed.

The trade unionist denounced that that same day, around 6:00 p.m., the council sent a circular “intimidate employees, threaten employees.”

“It is a regrettable position on the part of the CSMJ, but even so we are convinced that we are going along the path that the law allows us,” he said.

The official reiterated that the strike is nationwide, that “the provinces united en masse.” believing that “the council will reconsider its position.”

“We call on judicial officials to be educated, to have respect for the institution and that better days will come,” Brito Teixeira urged.

SOJA has been demanding for some years better working conditions, career promotions, approval of a new remuneration statute, lack of transportation for errands, subsidies and incentives at the judicial level.

Source: Observadora

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