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Impresa shareholders approve application of results and election of governing bodies

The shareholders of Imprensa, meeting at the annual general meeting, approved all the items on the agenda, including the application of results and the proposal for the election of governing bodies for the four-year period 2023-2026.

In a statement sent to the Securities Market Commission (CMVM), the owner of SIC and Expresso, among others, added that “the single management reportas well as “the balance sheet and individual and consolidated accountsthe reports of the Statutory Auditor and others individual and consolidated financial statements” corresponding to the year 2022.

It includes the “corporate governance report (which includes a chapter on the remuneration report) and the sustainability report (previously known as the consolidated non-financial information report)”.

Among the seven points on the agenda, “the proposal for the application of results was also approved, which proposed the application of the positive net result calculated in the financial year 2022, amounting to 9,963,929.58 euros”, in the that 498,196.48 euros are allocated to the legal reserve and 9,465,733.10 euros to free reserves.

“A vote of confidence and praise was approved for the management and supervision bodies of the company, as well as the respective members”, as well as “the modifications to articles 3 and 5 of the remuneration policy for the members of the governing, management and supervisory bodies of the Company, by reference to the 2019/2022 mandate”.

In the magna assembly, the shareholders also approved the proposed remuneration policy for members of management and supervisory bodies of the Company for the four-year period 2023/2026, in accordance with the proposal of the Remuneration Committee, the proposal for the election of members of the governing bodies for the four-year period 2023/2026 and the election of the Statutory Auditor for the same period.

Thus, Manuel de Abreu Castelo Banco was elected chairman of the board of directors of the general meeting and Francisco Pinto Balsemão was re-elected chairman of the Board of Directors of Impresa, with Francisco Maria Balsemão and António Horta Osório as vice-chairmen.

The Board of Directors is comprised of Francisco Pedro Balsemão, Manuel Guilherme Oliveira da Costa, Maria Luísa Coutinho Ferreira Leite de Castro Anacoreta Correia, Ana Filipa Mendes de Magalhães Saraiva Mendes and Catarina do Amaral Dias Duff Burnay.

The Audit Committee is chaired by Manuel Guilherme Oliveira da Costa and the Remuneration Committee is headed by Manuel Soares Pinto Barbosa. The Statutory Auditor is Deloitte & Associates. The profit of Impresa fell by 91.4% last year, compared to 2021, to 1.1 million euros.

Source: Observadora

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