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Disney-ABC drama describes trans teen parent as racist and teacher as ‘hero’ who ‘understands’

Final Episodes of ABC Drama a million little things showed that a parent who prevents their children from entering transgenderism is described as bigoted, while a teacher who supports a student’s transition is seen as a hero. Disney owns ABC. The episode will air as Disney continues to promote radical LGBTQ programming.

In the episode “Out of Cover”, Rim Howard (Romani Malco), a prep school teacher, is discussing the upcoming parent-teacher meeting with his wife, Regina (Christina Moses), when a young student says her name is teen. Madison (Ash Spencer) wants to be called Maddox because she doesn’t want to be a woman anymore.

Roma said he was concerned Madison’s parents would not support their son’s move. But Rome knows.

During the episode, Madison addresses Roman because she “gets it”. Madison asked Roma to explain to her parents that she didn’t want to be seen as their little girl.

At a class meeting, Madison told Roma, “These are my parents. They’re not like you here. You know, I chose Maddox because it seems right but at least it seems like the name given to me. I thought it would be easy for them, but I was wrong.”

Madison later added, “Um, I’ve always tried to tell them that I’m like this, but they see me as their little girl. So, um, I was wondering if you could speak to my parents at their conference today for me? I mean, maybe if Clarke and Isabelle hear from an adult who understands that, they begin to understand.

Hearing the names of the boy’s parents took Rome back to his high school days, and you didn’t know that Clark, a white man, was racist in his college days.

Roman remembered an incident as a child when Clark placed a sign that read “whites only” on the school’s water fountain.

Later in the episode, the parents come to the school for a conference, and when Clark sees Roma for the first time, he formally apologizes for the racist jokes he and his friends made on young Roma.

From there, it got to the point where the teacher told the parents that their child would call her “Maddox” when they were in class, and that the boy would decide for himself to be a girl.

When Roman told Clark and Isabelle that he considered “Madox one of my best students,” the parents realized that their son went through a number of stages, including an obsession with yoga, an interest in crystals, and a “gothic phase.” ”

But Rome has a problem with letting her parents reject transgender as a simple step.

Roma scolded the parents, “Sorry, I don’t think the same thing happened to Maddox as in The Cure. Ah, but we’re here to talk about your kid’s academic performance. Now the whole point of documentaries is to film the truth. That’s actually the first thing I learned about Maddox. And He exceeded all my expectations. Now I know it’s really hard to let yours go, but as long as he’s my classmate, at least he’s doing it.

Despite the series, which portrays Roma as a hero who cares about a student, and the boy’s parents as arrogant, racist, wealthy people who do not accept their children as they are, Roma’s actions have consequences.

To further demonize the parents – in the series, the school is a private academy – the wealthy Clarke and Isabelle decide to take revenge on the teacher. They threatened the school administration to destroy Rome or to refuse financial support from the school.

But as Newsbuters reports, the story may not appeal to ABC audiences. Ever since the issue of transgender people came to the fore, a million little things bloody audience

In fact, Wednesday’s episode was another low, giving the series one of its lowest ratings, dropping 24 percent in a major demo and 15.35 percent overall. It also ranks second in the ranking of all the shows that will air on all networks that night.

But the transgender theme of the series’ fourth season is fittingly in line with Disney’s ongoing assault on Florida over the parent-rights education law that prevents preschoolers from being exposed to controversial gender identity policies and age-inappropriate conversations about sexuality at school through third grade. .

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Source: Breitbart

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