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Maher: Migrants travel free to ‘rich island’ with abortion – Marines like Biden’s line on using people as support

On Friday’s HBO show “Real Time,” host Bill Maher, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (right) on immigrants: “If you come here, you can take a free plane to a wealthy island.” And his migrant voyage was like a cruise with his family. Maher also criticized President Joe Biden for accusing Republicans of using people as support, and when Biden said this, “all the Marines lined up behind him agreed”.

“Then you see the governors of Texas and Florida sending their immigrants to the blue states. DeSantis from Florida sent all those Venezuelan immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard? He wants to send the message to these immigrants that if you come here, you will fly to a wealthy island for free. Ah, the Democrats are crazy. Biden said he used people as support, and all the Marines lined up behind him agreed. And the man who raced against DeSantis in Florida, Charlie Crist… said all immigrants in Florida, the 4.5 million immigrants in Florida, were wondering if it would be their turn now. Again I was not interested, I begged, please send me to the beautiful modern island that has abortion services and loves us. Immigrants first went to Martha’s Vineyard and are now being sent to Cape Cod. Add a stop on Nantucket, this is the same trip my family took years ago. … America doesn’t see anything like that, does it? Right and left? The right sees immigrants in Venezuela, they see, ah, ax murderers, the left sees and goes, ah, someone is raising my children.”

Source: Breitbart

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