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Zero opposes the Government and defends the environmental assessment of the increase in capacity at Lisbon airport

Zero considers that the increase in capacity at Humberto Delgado airport represents a serious and unacceptable risk for the city of Lisbon and that the increase in capacity is unfeasible due to the enormous impacts, as announced today.

In a statement released on Sunday, Zero states that it is directly against an increase in capacity at the Humberto Delgado airport, announced by the Government, because it translates into an increase in aircraft movement, noise, air pollution and risk of air accidents in the city of Lisbon.

The association highlights that the increase in capacity at Lisbon airport, which was not foreseen in the recommendations of the Independent Technical Commission (CTI) on the new airport, goes much further by proposing an increase in the airport’s capacity of 38 movements per hour at 45, “which would aggravate the scourge to which many citizens of Lisbon are exposed daily, day and night, due to the intense flight of airplanes over the city,”

“What is required of all responsible actors is that they commit and make every effort to implement, in the shortest possible time, a credible environmental licensing process and the construction of a new airport infrastructure that will deactivate the current Lisbon airport. he adds.

ZERO also denounces “what it considers an attempt to avoid the need for an Environmental Impact Study for the expansion of the airport, by announcing an increase in its capacity of 18.4%, a value lower than the 20% that, according to the legislation, triggers the need to enforce this instrument.”

However, the association maintains that “the need for an Environmental Impact Study of any work in Humberto Delgado is absolutely unequivocal, regardless of the amount of the increase in capacity or even if it exists, in addition to the fact that it would be a lack of honesty.” towards the citizens of Lisbon will not carry it out.” The association also states that it considers the Government’s announcement to increase the airport’s capacity premature because, due to the “significance of the losses involved, ZERO believes that any application for a license to increase capacity will be rejected by the environmental authorities.”

Source: Observadora

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