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Europeans: Ventura calls for strong borders and an end to the “massive entry of Islamic immigrants”

The Chega leader called for a European Union with strong borders and without “massive entry of Islamic and Muslim immigrants” and said he was convinced that he will be the next prime minister of Portugal.

The president of Chega, André Ventura, called for a European Union with “strong borders” and without “massive entry of Islamic and Muslim immigrants” and said he was convinced that he would be the next prime minister of Portugal.

“We want strong borders in Portugal, Spain and throughout Europe. Because Europe is ours,” said Ventura, in a speech at a convention of the Spanish far-right party Vox, in Madrid, which brings together leaders of the European and American radical right in the Spanish capital today, in the pre-campaign for the elections to the European Parliament.

André Ventura argued that it is necessary to “tell Europe” that it is not possible to continue allowing the “massive entry of Islamic and Muslim immigrants.” “We have to say no,” said the Chega leader, who received the biggest ovation from the 10,800 people gathered today in the Vistalegre pavilion in Madrid, according to figures provided by Vox. Ventura assured that with these demands that he has raised today in Madrid he is not “against human rights” nor against the idea that we can and should “protect those who suffer the most.”

“We are the only ones who confront socialism, communism and globalism that infected and poisoned the European Union,” said the leader of Chega before a convention also attended by the Spanish Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, the French Marine Le Pen (National Union), the former Prime Minister of Poland Mateuwsz Morawiecki (Law and Justice, PiS) and, via videoconference, the Prime Ministers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni (Brothers of Italy), and of Hungary, Viktor Orbán ( Fidesz).

André Ventura said he was convinced that among those names were “many of those who will lead Europe in the future” and he included himself in that group, stating that he believes he will be the next Prime Minister of Portugal.

In addition to immigration and borders, André Ventura also referred to “the gender ideology” that he considers exists in European schools and the corruption that, according to him, is a hallmark of socialist governments.

After mentioning the names of the current President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and the previous leader of the Portuguese Government, António Costa, Ventura said that “the socialists who govern and governed” the two countries “created the most corrupt governments in Europe.” “We cannot be afraid to say this,” he stated, before lamenting the “sanitary cordons” that the European right wants to impose on parties like Chega or Vox and concluding that both the Spanish Popular Party and the Portuguese PSD “are equal.”

“They want to create sanitary cordons for the only parties that defend freedom, the future, their countries, their cultures, their Christian tradition, that are not afraid to say, even if they tell us the opposite, that a man is a man and a woman. “She is a woman,” he stated.

The European radical right has been meeting since Saturday in Madrid at a convention of Vox and the Conservatives and Reformists group of the European Parliament, which has the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, as a special guest. The parties meeting today in Marid are not all affiliated to the same group in the European Parliament, but are divided between ERC (Vox, Brothers of Italy, PiS and, predictably, after the elections, Fidesz) and Identity and Democracy (ID, of Chega and National Union).

All of these forces are considered radical right, extreme right or conservative nationalists, with speeches often described by opponents and academics as xenophobic, focused on immigration and border control, among other topics. “In this convention, special emphasis will be placed on the importance of cooperation between the different groups of the European Parliament, with the aim of forming an alternative to the centralist and socialist drift of the old majority. [no Parlamento Europeu]”, reads a Vox statement released last week.

Source: Observadora

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