Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi emphasized that “if any country wants to cooperate with Iran, we will certainly pave the way for this,” noting that “Iran’s policy is not to live under the domination of any power.”

In his statement, he pointed out that “Today’s world is suffering from persecution because some countries believe they are superior to others.” The Palestinian people must stop, and the Camp David and other agreements have not provided a proper solution.”

Raisi emphasized that “it is important for us to lift the sanctions and if we agree to the nuclear deal they are talking about, we will be at risk”, noting that “if we do not receive guarantees, we may face the challenges that we face” . “, emphasizing that “the assurances we are asking for were prompted by Washington’s previous actions and the unilateral measures it may have taken.”

He explained that “global oil and gas markets are interconnected and it is impossible to impose a price ceiling on one of the producers,” noting that “the actions of the current US administration are no different from previous ones, and the lifting of sanctions has not happened yet.”

On the other hand, Raisi stated that “I called Mahsa Amini’s family and assured them that we are investigating the case of her murder”, noting that “human rights cannot be treated with double standards”, explaining that “it is necessary to distinguish between demonstrations and sabotage, and there are different opinions in Iran.”

And he stressed: “We are ready to play a mediating role to end the war in Ukraine,” noting that “we have a number of military and economic agreements with Russia that are designed for years, and we will work to expand them.”