The death toll at a football stadium has risen to 174, the deputy governor of the Indonesian island of Java said, following a riot by Arima FC fans who infiltrated the Kanjuruhan football stadium in the eastern city of Malang after their team lost to Persibaya Surabaya. with a score of 3: 2. For the first time in more than twenty years, Arima lost to an opponent.

Earlier, the Indonesian police said that “127 people were killed, including two police officers.”

The police called what was happening “riots” and tried to convince the fans to return to the stands, and after two policemen were killed, they used tear gas. Many of the victims died from the collision.

Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports Zinedine Amalie said: “We regret this incident… This is an unfortunate incident that harms our football”, stressing: “We will carefully examine how the match was organized and the number of fans. (at the stadium). Will we ban fans from the stadium again? Matches? We’ll discuss it.”